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The skyline of Madrid during sunset
Catedral de Santa Mara de Palma de Mallorca
Three generation family are making a christmas toast at the dinner table.
Beautiful view of coastal Asturias sea village Cudillero
The Alhambra Overlooks The City Of Granada, Spain In Andalusia With The Sierra Nevada Mountains In The Background.
Seville, Spain - May 03, 2017: Crowd of people of all ages having fun at sunset and dressed in traditional costumes at the Seville's April Fair.
"Guadamia, Llanes, Asturias, Costa Verde, Spain."
Spanish Seafood Paella with Shrimps, Green Beans, and Paprika
The Roman Theatre (Teatro Romano), Merida, Extremadura (Spain)

About Us

Your Hosts

Inspired by their travels in Spain and shared passion for Mediterranean culture, Madrid native Pati Estrada and her American husband Dave Weber are in the business of providing their clients with the same authentic experiences they so often enjoy.

This became possible thanks to their wide network of professional contacts in hospitality as well as their many close friends and relatives throughout Spain.

Pati and Dave specialize in customized travel for private parties from 1 to 8 with Dave as your general guide and driver. Pati plays a critical role in personalized trip planning and sometimes joins along.

Their Experience

Pati obtained her degree in Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid and now heads her own firm in Mallorca, specializing in residential and refurbishment projects.

Dave grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He earned a BA in Tourism and Leisure from Oxford Brookes University. He has extensive experience in hotel and property management, tour guiding and  the Mallorca yachting sector.

Off the record, Dave met Pati in a buzzing tapas bar in Palma de Mallorca on a balmy Sunday morning back in 1996.

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Spain By Dave
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